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Here is a quick reference of services HI Systems, Inc. offers to enhance your business.
If you are interested in learning more about products and services HI Systems, Inc. offers you can fill out the online request form and get more information.

Custom Programming

 Every business is unique, and every business has unique needs. That is why HI Systems offer custom programming (software development) service to meet your business specifications. Software development include programming in MS SQL, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Java, C++.

 Custom programming (software development) comes with full installation, configuration and personnel training.

Networking Services

 HI Systems, Inc. offer setup, configuration, maintenance and personnel training on Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN).

 We use latest hardware and software technologies available to ensure our customers solve their business needs. We also offer full maintenance and support on networking.

Internet Services

We offer the following Internet services:
a. Custom Web Design and Development
b. E-commerce solutions
c. Web Site Management
d. Advertising

Data Entry Services

 Every company who still keeps paper copies will be glad to know that HI Systems offer Data Entry Services. This include creating and storing (archiving) business information. We will release your company of keeping and training employees, and secure you from service variances due work force changes.

Data Management

 Any medium to large size company needs Data Management : a tool to find your critical information in short time.

Full Business System Setup

Here at HI Systems we offer latest technologies available for full business system setup. Full Business System Setup meant interactivity between different hardwares and hardwares.

Software Conversion Services

If you have your own developed software, inhouse software or Legacy systems, and want to run on new operating systems rather than your old, we can help you. We offer software conversion services from MS-DOS to Windows, from Mainframe to Windows and from UNIX to Windows.

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