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Welcome to HI Systems, Inc. official web site. You own your business, you know your business needs, you set the goals that must be achieved. AccountMate, modifiable, source code, source code accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, business financial, accounting software, accounting system, module, accounting solution

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Recent events question cloud security

   A recent blog regarding the celebrity leaked photos, writer Bill Chappell stated that the hackers are suspected of downloading the images from cloud storage services such as Apple's iCloud, which automatically uploads and stores media files from smartphones and other electronic devices. The thieves were able to access personal accounts by exploiting a security weakness in another Apple service. Apple urged "all users to always use a strong password and enable two-step verification."
Other questions raised by the stolen photos center on how difficult it is to delete images and video that are stored on the far-flung servers that make up the cloud. In most cases, deleting an image from a device doesn't also delete it from the cloud, which requires a separate step.

HI Systems urges everyone to take the necessary steps to secure their personal information and data


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